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Fri, Jun 19, 2020
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26 mins
We're talking about sin today, as we turn in our Bibles to Exodus chapter eight. See how God looks at sin, and judges it, as well as what sin does to us.
Thu, Jun 18, 2020
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26 mins
Pastor James is going to talk about sanctification today, which has to do with our day to day living. And like salvation, this is a total work of God.
Wed, Jun 17, 2020
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26 mins
We’re just getting started in a new series called, “In Spirit and in Truth.” And here in part one, pastor James Kaddis is talking about salvation!
Tue, Jun 16, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
When you think of worship, perhaps your mind gravitates to singing songs to Jesus as you’re getting ready in the morning, in the car or at church on Sunday. Pastor James Kaddis shows us today it’s so much more than that.
Mon, Jun 15, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
We embark on a wonderful new series, pastor James Kaddis has titled, “In Spirit and in Truth.” As you’ll see it really gets to the heart of how we’re to live our lives.
Sat, Jun 13, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
In Matthew 22 Jesus said, “Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” And then, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Pastor James Kaddis believes this perfectly capsulizes our series, and really the Christian life.
Fri, Jun 12, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
When Nehemiah got some devastating news, he fasted and prayed. Pastor James urges us to respond to Covid-19 in the same way.
Thu, Jun 11, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
It was back in late February that we began studying the Psalms here on Light on the Hill, and the plan is to wrap up the book today. And we do so on a very fitting triumphant note of praise!
Wed, Jun 10, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
Today we find ourselves in Psalms 146 and 147. The Psalms end on a note of praise to God, and isn’t that fitting? God is so worthy of that! Pastor James highlights the first of the Hallelujah Psalms.
Tue, Jun 09, 2020
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25 mins 59 secs
Today on Light on the Hill we’ll see when the going gets tough for the Psalmist, he goes to the Lord! And that’s the right place to turn in this difficult season.